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Aurora is an overcomer of issues that dominate the lives of many women. After being forced out of the corporate arena she decided to take control of her destiny. Feeling battered by way of self abuse, she reveals in her testimony the dark places she’s been throughout her life. Aurora openly speaks of the issues she’s kept suppressed for four decades. Aurora is an energetic, personable, spiritually grounded and dynamic speaker with a love for strengthening women.

Like many of us, life challenges are a constant struggle and strength is not all that is needed when facing trauma. Being forced to look at her family affairs and relationships, she found strength in herself. She now seeks and finds joy in helping other women and teens speak openly of their past trials and experiences that kept them in silent turmoil.

She has become an advocate and source of strength for all women who have challenges and are seeking hope. Her heartfelt testimony is openly shared to anyone designing to change their lives and grow, because in her words, "Without sharing your story, there is no hope or comfort for those who can relate in their silent struggle."

Aurora admits to feeling Battered 2 Beautiful.