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Chief Strategist/ Marketing Director
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Toni Parker is a complex risk analyst for an international commercial insurance firm in New York City. She specializes in litigated and non-litigated Employment Practices liability and analysis. Toni holds seven years of extensive experience in insurance with the leading firm in her field. Before she became an industry insider, she worked in Washington, DC for the U.S Department of Justice as a FOIA/Privacy Act Specialist in the Executive Offices of the Attorney General. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John's University in Political Science with double minors in Philosophy of Law and Sociology, with a concentration in French. She continued her education and will shortly complete both Master’s degrees in Education and Business Administration.

While she has an affinity for government and all things legal, Toni has three online businesses. Her brands Swim Siren, Slate and The Hair Connection has coined her with the nickname "Biz Guru Toni". She expanded her expertise to social media strategy, marketing and business operations. Toni's passion and keen business savvy is coupled with her love of helping others. Joining Battered 2 Beautiful provides her with the opportunity to make the most significant impact in people's lives and their community. She is excited for what's to come and her future endeavors with Battered 2 Beautiful.

Toni currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is a dog lover who enjoys spending time with family and friends.