Pets In Shock Why Access To Around The Clock Pet Care Matters

Pets In Shock Why Access To Around The Clock Pet Care Matters

Pet owners often consider their dogs, cats, and other animals to be members of the family. Given the status that the pets enjoy in the household, it only makes sense to ensure that adequate medical care is on hand if the need arises. Here are some examples of why access to pet care at any time of the day or night makes a difference.

Health Issues Can Arise at Any Time

As with humans, pets can get sick any time of the day or night. The problem can arise due to something the pet consumes, or the development of some type of infection that only manifests several days after the fact. Pets who spend some time outdoors may have an encounter with a spider or a snake and need immediate attention. In situations of this type, waiting for the vet's office to open the next morning is not an option.

Knowing where the nearest 24 hour pet emergency is located makes it easier to not waste precious time. The owner can load the pet into the car and drive to the emergency room at the facility at once. In the best case scenario, the team at the hospital can identify the reason for the distress and begin treatment immediately. If necessary, they can provide a sedative for the pet that makes the entire episode less traumatic.

Dealing with Accidents

When the pet typically is on a leash when outside, having the animal escape and wander down the street increases the odds of some type of accident occurring. Perhaps the wandering pet gets in a fight with another animal. Maybe the pet steps out in front of a car. Whatever the nature of the emergency, it pays to get the pet to the nearest animal hospital at once. Doing so makes it easier to assess the extent of the damage and start a round of treatment that helps the pet recover.

Managing Chronic Conditions

If the pet has any type of chronic condition, knowing what to do when something happens at night or on the weekend may be difficult. If the owner has access to one of the 24 Hour-hour vets in the area, it will be easy to make contact, outline what is happening, and decide if the pet needs professional attention right away. In come cases, the vet may be able to recommend some type of over the counter medication to help the pet rest easy during the night, and arrange for the animal to be checked the following morning.

Pet owners take the health of their animals seriously. Spending some time at aec-d and learning more about the range of services offered is an excellent idea. Even if there has never been the need to seek help during the middle of the night, it's nice to know where to turn should something happen.